Spatula Graphics …

…isn't a cooking site, although you'll find recipes here. Spatula Graphics is a site about desktops, photographs of the Oregon Coast, an origami pattern , some recipes (see that spatula will come in handy!), and a bit about the retired folks who set up this site.


I have long enjoyed origami boxes, and am pleased to be able to share my contribution to this art form … the Mac Box .


This site is simply fun and goodwill, and the cost of most things is simply a kind word or a smile. Should you like something special just ask—you might be suprised what you get. These are our creations and we would expect credit were credit is due. Respect our toys and we will respect yours.


for visiting—come back when you can—and remember that old saying:

The early bird gets the worm,
but the second mouse gets the cheese.

Page modified May, 2008