Sharing photos on the web

Sharing photos on the web – the 21st century version of "Come over and see our home movies." *big huge grin* Here you'll find links to some of our digital photo albums. We've made most of the albums using JAlbum (terrific software and it's free – there's a link to their site over there on the left).

You'll find albums of sunsets, stormy seas, foggy days, trails, flora and fauna, critters, wild flowers, local events and sites and more. You'll also find links on the left to some of the pictures sized for use as desktop pictures. Just click, load and then download. Those pictures will change monthly, so if you like it grab it. If you want a larger version of any photo, just drop us an email and we'll do our best to help you out.

So grab some popcorn, turn down the lights and enjoy some "home movies".

About the Dead Whale Album

A few words of caution: Back in May 2007, a 40-foot Gray Whale washed up on a beach near us. Being curious, we went to look. While it was interesting in a scientific way, it was also a "shades of HS biology frog dissection" moment – only much bigger. The smell was horrific. The whale had likely been dead several days before washing on shore, and of course, the body was decomposing. Plus the folks from the mammal institute were there doing some dissecting … anyhow, the photos show the dead whale in all it's sad, dead, gory, glory. These photos aren't for the faint of tummy, and not for kids unless you've previewed them first. At least you've been warned.

Page modified Sept 1, 2009